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Appetizer menu

Finger sandwiches (chicken salad, ham, turkey, ham salad)  $1 each

Meatballs in sweet BBQ sauce $65 full steam pan

Seasoned hot mushrooms $60 full steam pan

Cold Crab Casserole $30 1/2 steam pan

Skyline Chili dip $35 full steam pan

Cheeseball and crackers $25

Smokies $60 full steam pan

fresh fruit at market price

Salami roll ups $6 per pound

Cheesecubes $6 per pound

Chicken salad and crackers $6 per pound

vegi tray and dip $30

taco dip and chips $30 full steam pan

dessert station .75 each

Individual prices for drop off service only.  Purchase whole menu for full catering at $15 per person for all items.