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  SANDWICH CHOICES: chicken salad, ham salad, bbq, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratts, metts, ham, and turkey.  

rolls and butter or buns 

MEATS:   Turkey, Ham, Fried Chicken, Chicken breast in gravy, Pork loin medallions, BBQ chicken breast or pork medallions, Meatloaf, Roast beef in gravy or au jois, Lasagna, chicken cordonblue(additional $1 made with chicken breast, ham, cheese in a cream of broccoli sauce),  Cavatapi noodles and broccoli alfredo, Vegi lasagna

VEGETABLES:green beans, sweet buttered corn, baby carrots, california blend, peas, lima beans, succatash

STARCHES:mashed potatos, hashbrown casserole, rice pilaf, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, noodles in broth, dressing, sweet potato casserole

Salads: signature salad, layered salad, and chef salad

sides:brocc-cauliflower salad, crandberry salad, italian pasta salad, cole slaw, potato salad, cottage cheese, pickles and olives, taco dip and chips, salami roll ups, cheese cubes, waldorf salad, ambrosia salad, pickled beets, vegi tray and dip, cheeseball and crackers,pea salad, applesauce, german potato salad

DESSERTS: our specialty, we bring a big variety for your dessert station (hot monkey bread, raspberry and cream cheese puffs, carrot cake, brownies, blondies, nutty cups and more)  ***drop jobs get one dessert and a cookie per person, does not include a hot dessert

drinks:$1.50 per person extra to add lemonade, ice tea (sweet available) **only offered on full jobs and remember when ordering for weddings that we are only there as long as the serving time details.  You may need drinks afterwards

coffee is available at an extra $.50 per person and may be ordered by the cup.